Speciality Clinics and Events - Contact Sarah Horne for Cross Country and Lucie New for Dressage

Over the course of the year we are hoping to offer clinics with different instructors.  These clinics will be in addition to the normal weekend and evening lessons the club provide and will be suitable for anyone riding at any level.

We are hoping to offer arena cross country and clinics with specialist show jumping and dressage riders.

Please keep checking back for new clinics and events.  We are also keen to hear from members who would like to suggest ideas and instructors!



Ed Hobbs Clinic


Below is the booking form for the Ed Hobbs Clinic. If you have any queries please contact Becky Davies on 07595 938474 Thank you


Please be aware that the minimum requirement for any of our cross country clinics INCLUDING ARENA CROSS COUNTRY is a current (Level 3) BETA body protector.  IF YOU WEAR AN AIR JACKET, this must be in addition to a body protector and not instead of.  Hats with a fixed peak are not allowed. Medical armbands are also required.