Club Vouchers

Please see below the list of members who have vouchers in hand.

From now on, instead of issuing vouchers by email, an up-to-date list will be kept on the website so members can easily see if they have vouchers available to use. Vouchers from 2019 can be used until the end of 2020.

Also below is a list of members who have money owed to them from cancelled events.  If you would like the money refunded to you please contact Kim Ursell or you can use it against lessons etc.  Contact Kim to find out the amount. 

Members with Money in hand

Hannah Ewbank, Nicky Small, Emma trace, Caren Hingston, Phillip King, Ann Butler, Denise Moyse, Pat Durbin, Jo Cox, Helen Upton, Lucie New, Claire Sheldrake, Clare Haste, Anne Harrison, Laura Williamson, Grace Popham & Sue Clough.